Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Evaluation of diffrent emprical equations of evapotranspiration estimations in different conditions of lack of data in some regions of iran            0000-00-00
2    Investigation on Climate Changes in some Selected Synoptic Stations of Iran            0000-00-00
3    Evaluation and selection of optimal index for meteorology drought monitoring due to climate change in some of staiions of arid and semi arid area of Iran            0000-00-00
4    Sensitivity analysis of trends and De-trends of the reference crop evapotranspiration time series values for some Synoptic stations of Iran            0000-00-00
5    Modeling rain-fed wheat and Barley by using meteorological variables and drought indices (Case studies: Bojnord, Mashhad and Birjand)            0000-00-00
6    Investigation on Temperature and precipitation changes' over last five decades (up to 2010) in the cities of Mashhad and Torbat Heydarieh            0000-00-00
7    Simulation the impacts of climate variability and technological trend on wheat and barley production in northeast of Iran            0000-00-00
8    A linear relationship for the plant reference evapotranspiration using daily data and two different methods, Gamma test and principal component analysis    M.Sc.    sh, no    2010-09-23
9    Evaluation of drought effects on Fasa groundwater resources in Fars Province    M.Sc.    Seif, Mahbobeh    2011-02-16
10    An Investigation on Spatial and Time Distributions of Major Air Pollutants in the City of Mashhad and the Factors Affecting Them.    M.Sc.    taghavi, hoda    2011-03-12
11    Modeling the Efficient Factors on Rill Erosions Applying Fuzzy Logic in Ahmadabad Region, Mashhad    M.Sc.    hosseini, seyyedeh motahareh    2011-08-17
12    Evaluation of the drought and discharg effects on groundwater resources of Torbatjam-Fariman plain    M.Sc.    yasamani, samane    2011-09-23
13    SCS-CN model is used in a large watersheds and provide corrective coefficients (Case study: part of the watershed Maharlu - Bakhtegan)    M.Sc.    dolat abadi, narges khaton    2011-12-31
14    An investigation on the relationship between range plant production and drought situation in some climatic regions (Iran)    M.Sc.    mohammadi moghadd, samaneh    2012-05-12
15    Investigation of climatic fluctuations and its effects on rangeland vegetation in Tourogh watershed dam, Mashhad, Iran    M.Sc.    ostad, masume    2012-05-12
16    Monitoring and predicting drought and determining of most effective factors on drought useing of panel data in synoptic stations Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    kavakebi, ghazale    2012-11-10
17    Investigation of quantity and quality of water resources and sediment in Shirin Dareh Dam\\\'s watershed (North Khorasan Province)    M.Sc.    sadri, bahareh    2013-03-04
18    Prediction of range plant production due to different climate change scenarios over Next 20 Years (Iran)    M.Sc.    gholamisamba, najmeh    2013-05-05
19    Effect of air pollutants and acid rain induced by Bojnurd Cement plant on species diversity and soil chemistry.    M.Sc.    bastani, mahya    2013-05-05
20    The quantity and quality monitoring of water resources in Homand - Absard aquifer’s basin    M.Sc.    tafaghod nezafat, ata allah    2013-12-22
21    Fuzzy Modeling of Desertification Susceptibility of Khorasan Razavi Ecoregions Based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)    M.Sc.    shiravi, mina    2014-05-05
22    Analysis of drought characteristics based on statistical methods in different regions of Iran    M.Sc.    hatefi, adeleh    2014-05-12
23    Effectiveness of check dams in sediment control and changing channel morphology under Controlled conditions    M.Sc.    esmaeily, mostafa    2014-05-26
24    Determination of regional relationships of suspended sediment discharge based on watershed characteristics in Mashhad and Nishabour regions    M.Sc.    ramezanipour, elyas    2014-05-26
25    Assessment of prioritization Indices and identifying critical source areas of runoff and sediment in Ghareh Ghum basin    M.Sc.    jenami, zeynab    2014-05-26
26    Estimation Of Coffiecent Resistance Flow With MultiVariate Linaer Regression ‎    M.Sc.    Yeganeh, Masoumeh    2014-10-04
27    Artificial recharge sites' selection in Neyshaboor plan usin FAHP in ArcGIS environment    M.Sc.    yaghobian, jalal    2014-10-08
28    The Effects of Agricultural Development on the Destruction of Natural Environment with Emphasis on Water Resources of Torbat Heidariyeh Central Region    M.Sc.    hekmat, jafar    2014-12-15
29    Determination of environmental water requirements applying hydraulics and hydrological methods    M.Sc.    dehghan zade ghayeni, maryam    2015-05-04
30    Evaluation of sedimentation in Kardeh Reservoir ‎and its effects on evaporation from the lake of dam    M.Sc.    yazdanparast, maryam    2015-05-04
31    Prediction of discharge using time series models in Mahareloo Basin    M.Sc.    estaki, afsaneh    2015-05-04
32    Assessment Of Watershed Management Projects And Villagers’ Resilience To Drought    M.Sc.    khatibi, seyede atiye    2015-05-11
33    Assess the potential of Shandiz artificial reacharge with Seep/w    M.Sc.    arfa, atefe    2016-02-13
34    Multivariate Joint Drought Assessment for the Severity and Duration of SPI & SPEI indexes Using Copula Functions    M.Sc.    yosefi, masoud    2016-04-09
35    Evaluation of the effect of data record period on selection of the best statistical distribution and river flow prediction in Northern and northeastern Iran    M.Sc.    خسروی چنار, معصومه    2016-06-06
36    Effect of Drought on Surface Water and Groundwater Resources of Jiroft plain    M.Sc.    nezhadmoghbeli, nasibeh    2016-06-06
37    Groundwater drought assessment using machine learning models    M.Sc.    bakhshi dam oo, arezoo    2016-06-06
38    Assessment of the relationship between groundwater drought with meteorological drought, according to SPI, SPEI and RDI indices in Mashhad plain    M.Sc.    viseyazdi, somaye    2016-06-11
39    Assessment of sedimentation rate and type of transported sediments into the Kardeh dam reservoir, and its impact on the quantity and quality of the reservoir water    Ph.D    Mousazadeh, Hoda    2016-06-14
40    Performance assessments of common drought indices and Scalogram model based on major crop yields in Golestan province    M.Sc.    hosseinpour, mostafa    2016-10-29
41    Risk levels of meteorological and hydrological droughts and effect on surface water resources under conditions of climate change    Ph.D    kavakebi, ghazale    2017-01-09
42    Comparison of SRM and HEC-HMS models efficiency for snowmelt runoff simulation (Case Study: Sarab Zayanderud basin)    M.Sc.    Amiri, Samaneh    2017-07-01
43    urban flood modelling (case study : chehel-baze golestan region )    M.Sc.    Ghobadi, Fatemeh    2017-07-01
44    The prediction of time variation of sediment input into the Torogh Dam Reservoir by The IHACRES rainfall-runoff model    M.Sc.    Seifi, Soheila    2017-07-01
45    Response of vegetation to precipitation under different grazing levels by using remote sensed vegetation index (case study: Tandooreh national park)    M.Sc.    rabbani, omid    2017-07-15
46    Drought characteristics and their changes based on SPI and SPEI indices in some synoptic stations-Iran.    M.Sc.    ghaznavi, mansoreh    2017-11-06
47    Evaluation of the accuracy of some empirical equations for estimating scouring at downstream of permeable check-dams using physical modeling    M.Sc.    falahati, hasan    2017-11-06
48    Evaluation of the accuracy of some empirical equations for estimating scour at downstream of impervious check-dams using hydraulics models    M.Sc.    ansarifard, ahmad    2017-11-06
49    Optimal allocation of resources with water-energy-food Nexus approach    Ph.D    Mirzaie, Shakiba    2018-01-10
50    A Joint Analysis of Correlation between Evapotranspiration and Precipitation Using Copula Functions    M.Sc.    goli, shaghayegh    2018-01-13
51    Assessing hydrological drought using Composite Drought Index (CDI); CS.: Zarrin Gol Watershed, Golestan province, Iran    M.Sc.    ashouri mendi, reza    2018-04-21